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90s infomercial products and the Cincinnati Reds who’d pitch them perfectly

A Friday List

As the last generation proved to us, there are few things more successful in this life than TV advertisements that end with 800 numbers and need your credit card. Of course, a product is only as good as the person pitching it, but I’d be willing to wager the Cincinnati Reds are chock full of perfect pitchmen.

Today’s Friday List features the greatest 90s informercial products and which Reds would pitch them best. Sadly, the original Salad Shooter just missed the cut.

Freedom Rock - Jonathan India

The Flo - Joey Votto

Potty Putter - Tyler Stephenson

Speckled Smud...and Floam! - Jesse Winker

Exerlopers - Jose Barrero

Bark Off - Sonny Gray

Rejuvenique Face Mask - Luis Castillo

Snuggie - Eugenio Suarez

Tiddy Bear - Aristides Aquino

Pushover Plunge - Bob Castellini