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Cincinnati Reds to send seven prospects to play in Arizona Fall League

Fall ball!

AZ Fall League: Mesa v Surprise
No, not Jesse Winker (this time).
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Arizona Fall League baseball was put on hold, along with so many things, during the depths of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. We’re still pandemicking, but it’s reached a manageable point where AFL ball is set to play once again.

The Cincinnati Reds will be participating along with the other 29 MLB franchises, sending some of their best and brightest young prospects for some extra seasoning and competition in the Land of the Endless Strip Mall. Seven Reds prospects this year, in fact, headlined by the likes of OF Michael Siani, IF Ivan Johnson, and RHP James Marinan.

That’s not very nice of me, actually. There are seven of them going and I mentioned three. That’s almost half. The four I didn’t originally mention are RHP Eddy Demurias, RHP Michael Byrne, OF Drew Mount, and LHP Jacque Pucheu.

There, that’s better. They’ll all participate as members of the Surprise Saguaros. Saguaros are cool cacti. Cacti is one of the coolest plural forms of any noun out there. Nouns > verbs. I digress.

The crew over at MLB Pipeline has more on the entirety of the AFL slate.

Go future Reds.