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NLCS Game 2 - Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves (Scherzer vs. Anderson)

Night baseball on Sunday that isn’t Sunday Night Baseball.

Sandy Koufax - Los Angeles Dodgers

Austin Riley bonked a walk-off hit to score Ozzie Albies in the opener of the National League Championship Series yesterday, the kind of scintillating game I can only dream of watching the Cincinnati Reds play in one eon. Eon is an anagram of one, by the way, but that’s almost completely beside the point.

Anyway, the Los Angeles Dodgers rolled out a complete bullpen game as their Game One Starter [TM], but will follow it up with uberace Max Scherzer as their starter for tonight’s subsequent contest. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Braves will counter with young Ian Anderson as their starter tonight in their quest to own a 2-0 series lead and fully defend their home turf to begin this NLCS.

All signs point to this one getting underway at precisely 7:38 PM ET this evening, and it will once again be televised by the Turner Broadcasting System. That means you’ll get to hear Jeff Francoeur talk about arby-eyes for much of the night should you choose to tune in.

Lineups below provided for your convenience, including Justin Turner being sidelines (along with Max Muncy) as both deal with injuries.

Dodgers Lineup

Barves Lineup