2021 RR Prediction Contest Results

The 2021 season ended in a way that sucks for Reds fans. Especially compared to how most Red Reporters thought the season would play out, according to the prediction contest. Well, at least one of us can take solace in knowing we won the contest! In case you wanted a reminder of the dull ache that was the 2021 season, here were the correct answers:

Wins: 83 (nailed by johnnywaffles)

Place: 3rd (KC Gardner, Madville, 3 Fast 3 Furious, RedStalk)

Run scored: 786 (3 Fast 3 Furious with an impressive 787)

Runs allowed: 760 (RedStalk with a nice 755)

AVG: Castellanos .309 (ken had .300)

OBP: Winker .382 (KC Gardner nearest .376)

SLG: Castellanos .576 (minglestadt nearest .553)

Doubles: Castellanos 38 (badenjr and dcannon5 had 39, KC Gardner had 37 for closest guesses)

Stolen bases: India 12 (zarley zalapsky closest with 21)

Wins: Mahle 13 (johnnywaffles closest with 14)

Saves: Hembree/Givens 8 (nobody, of course)

Starter ERA: Miley 3.37 (nobody)

Reliever ERA: Art Warren (nobody, of course)

Strikeouts: Mahle 210 (nobody)

K/9: Jose De Leon 16.20 (nobody, of course)

Well, the pitching did not turn out the way we thought it would. Gray was basically league average, Castillo was decent but definitely not an ace, Mahle was solid but also not an ace, and Miley was the only starter to really be well better than league average at preventing runs. Gutierrez and Hoffman were below average, but probably a bit above average for what most teams get from their #5 starter spot. Thank goodness Miley had a standout season. To the few who thought Garrett was not gonna be leading anything, congrats but you got no points anyway. That's because the other guys who were supposed to be good were either bad (Lorenzen, Sims kinda) or hurt (Antone, Lorenzen, Sims). The bullpen, well, we all remember how bad the bullpen was.

The offense turned out more predictable. Congrats to zarley zalapsky and RedStalk for being the only two to guess India would lead stolen bases. India was also second in OBP and fourth in SLG. India was definitely the positive surprise of the season.

Anyway, who won this thing?

Congrats to RedStalk for being Red Reporter's 2021 Prediction Contest Champion! The scores for the contest losers are below.

Competitor Score
RedStalk 7
KC Gardner 5
ken 5
johnnywaffles 4
3 Fast 3 Furious 4
dcannon5 4
CD21 4
Madville 3
badenjr 3
minglestadt 3
CutterAndy 2
zarley zalapsky 2
Charlie Scrabbles 1

I'd like to call out badenjr for having a lot of solid guesses that didn't end up being closest, Charlie for getting a single answer right in his jokingly optimistic entry, and ken: good guessing, ken! Better luck next year to everyone, especially the actual Reds.