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2021 Red Reporter Community Prospect Rankings: Lyon Richardson Is Your #8 Prospect!

I’d be lyon if I said I was upset.

If there’s one thing that the Reds minor league system is not lacking is some arms with some sweet upside. Lyon Richardson locks himself up the #8 spot on our list simply because he has that freakish upside and has shown a little bit of actual, get it done, talent in the minor leagues. Meaning, he got guys out without looking like a fool. Good for him! On to #9!

Mike Siani, CF, 21

Where he spent 2020: Alternate Site

What excites you: Excellent defense, good speed, and advanced approach at the plate for a younger guy.

What scares you: Will he grow some more, find that bat speed, and find the power?

Fangraphs Page

Mike Siani has been around for a while now after being drafted in the 4th round of the 2018 draft out of Pennsylvania. The Reds tossed a $2M signing bonus at him to get him to go pro instead of going to college, and I’d say so far that has paid off. Mike Siani is arguably the best defensive player in the Reds system, making highlight reel plays what seems like almost daily. While his bat hasn’t necessarily come around as a pro as much as you would like, Siani has shown a more advanced approach at the plate than you see from most high school draftees.

We already know he can play top notch defense and for now we’re just waiting to see if Siani’s body maturation can lead to some better power and if his contact skills will improve to the point of him being a legit major league player. Right now, he’s a hope and a prayer because we need to see further development, but he’s fun hope and a prayer. Siani should start the Season in A+ ball but I could see a more aggressive approach of putting him in AA.

Tyler Callihan, INF, 20

Where he spent 2020: Alternate Site/Instructs

What excites you: Scouts say the kid can hit. That’s his calling card, with a higher hit tool, decent power, and scout expect his plate discipline to be better than he’s shown.

What scares you: He’s not fast. He’s not rated well in the field. He’s not overly athletic.

Fangraphs Page

Tyler Callihan was drafted in the third round of the 2019 draft, and the Reds threw a double slot bonus of $1.5M at him to keep him from going the ‘ol college route. Callihan is loved by scouts, and considered a great pick up by the Reds, due to his great hit tool as a youngster. While he showed a more aggressive approach in his first year than you’d like, Callihan did hit for a wRC+ of 176 in Greeneville and held his own in limited time Billings against competition fresh from college. While his only walked at a 4% clip, and struck out at a near 20% clip, the scouts expect him to be more patient in the future.

Tyler Callihan has an A+ name, and he has a fun and fancy hit tool. The obvious downsides to his game, which are listed above, is his ability to hit is really his only calling card. I’m not saying he’s bad at other stuff but he is not a five tool prospect. As of right now he’s listed as a 2B/3B but it’s much more likely for him to become a 3B/OF with his tool set. Don’t expect him to set the world on fire on the basepaths or start making highlight reel defensive plays.

Rece Hinds, 3B, 20

Where he spent 2020: Alternate site

What excites you: His power. Many considered him to have the best power in the 2019 draft.

What concerns you: Concerns of defense sticking at 3B.

Fangraphs Page

The Reds drafted Rece Hinds in the second round of the 2019 draft. As a shortstop at IMG Academy in Florida, Hinds had some of the best raw power in the entire class. He was sent to Greeneville after the draft, where he went 0-8 with 2 walks and 3 strikeouts in 3 games and then missed the rest of the season with a quad injury. The Reds did invite him to be a part of the 60-man player pool, so he was able to train at the alternate site throughout the Summer and Fall to continue his development, and by all accounts he played pretty well. Hopefully we get to see him for a full season in 2021.

Ivan Johnson, SS/2B, 22

Where he spent 2020: Alternate site/instructs

What excites you: His offense. Has a little power in the bat and showed a willingness to walk in his first stint.

What concerns you: His hit tool a bit and ability to stick at SS though scouts seem to think he’ll stick there.

Fangraphs Page

Here we got with another guy the Reds drafted in that 2019 draft, which seems so far to be one that scouts liked. Ivan Johnson was picked with a 4th round pick out of Junior College. In his first stint in pro ball, he did walk at a 8.5% clip and had a .160 ISO but he also was playing against some more inferior competition at Greeneville while his draftmate, Tyler Callihan, got a late season promotion to Billings. While I don’t take a lot of stock in all of that there is a tiny bit of concern about his age, 22, and not having been advanced farther than that. COVID and 2020 did not help him there.

It will be interesting to see if the Reds will try to be a bit more aggressive with these kinds of guys to see what their made of with the new minor league structure and the fact that they just didn’t see much live pitching, outside of whatever happened in instructs, last year.


Who is your #9 prospect?

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    Mike Siani, CF
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  • 17%
    Tyler Callihan, INF
    (25 votes)
  • 31%
    Rece Hinds, 3B
    (44 votes)
  • 2%
    Ivan Johnson, SS
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