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Reds at Pirates, Game 4 - Lineups and some other stuff

Reds gotta win

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The Reds will wrap it up with the Pirates this afternoon with Tejay Antone whirlin’ the pearl for yer Redboys. Chad Kuhl goes for Pittsburgh.

Geno Hermoso es muay jam. Three home runs in yesterday’s win gives him 12 for the season, tops on the team (Castellanos and Winker are at 11 and 10, respectively). He looks pretty well sharpened up, too, so here’s hopin’ this marks the start of a Player of the Month kinda run.

Teej has done nothing but slice up eyeballs so far in his first look at big-league hitters. The Pirates have never seen him before, and also they are generally lousy, so The Charlie Scrabbles Lead Pipe Cinch of the Week is to put down a sawbuck on the Reds to win today. You can lock it in.

Chad Kuhl is pretty lame iyam. Though he might be the ace of this Pirates’ staff, to be quite honest. He has an ERA of 3.10 in 29 innings.

It’s gonna be a beautiful day. Go Reds, you are my favorite team.