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Reds at Pirates, Doubleheader Day - Preview & Lineups

The Reds head to their NL Central foes for a crucial weekend set.

Cincinnati Reds v. Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Dave Arrigo/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates have two of the four worst records of any National League teams at the moment. In any other September, categorizing this series as anything other than ‘procedural’ would be a bit of an insult to procedures worldwide, but we are not in any ho-hum September.

Despite their ho-hum 16-21 record, the Reds sit just 2 games out of a playoff spot with some 23 games to play, and they are about to be tasked with playing the worst team in the NL (by record) 4 times in 3 days this weekend. If ever this club was going to make a push for the playoffs, now would be the time, with the thirstiest, saltiest of clubs looking at this weekend’s slate of games as nothing other than a brilliant opportunity.

It begins today in doubleheader fashion, a chance to jump-start the molasses-like offense and get on to gettin’-on. With Luis Castillo on the bump for Game 1 and Trevor Bauer backing him for Game 2, the Reds should have ample reason to be confident heading into this pair of 7-itussles.

First pitch for Game 1 is set for 4:05 PM ET, with first pitch of the latter game scheduled for some 40 minutes after the finish of the first.

Go Reds. Do that thing (ahhh) do that thing.

Reds Lineup - Game 1

Pirates Lineup - Game 1