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Reds at Cardinals Game 2 - Preview

Tejay Antone vs Dakota Hudson

Cincinnati Reds v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Last night was some top-quality jams, right? Joey Votto destabilized the atoms of a baseball because he hit it so hard and Luis Castillo threw a complete game two-hitter. It was a good game.

Tonight’s prime time nine will take the field at 8:15 against Dakota Hudson, Oscar-nominated actress who has featured in such films as The Cat in the Hat and You Me and Dupree. Actually the bastard has been throwing pretty good for them, to the surprise of exactly nobody who took the time to read this.

Hi, ken!

Tejay Antone will huck the sockwad for your Redboys. He’s not just anyone, you know. With both Disco and Wade either injured or bad or both, Teej’s debut has been an unequivocal bright spot in the orange haze that has blanketed the country all summer.

Go, Reds. They are my favorite team.