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Reds at Brewers, Game 1 - Preview and Lineups

The Reds begin a now crucial in-division series in Milwaukee.

Pabst Brewing Company And MillerCoors In Legal Fight That Could Put PBR Out Of Business Photo Illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

It’s a real shame the Cincinnati Reds did not play baseball last night. I blocked off a trio of hours to kick my feet up and watch them play, so it’s unfortunate that it simply never actually happened.

Oh well. At least the beauty of baseball is that they play pretty much daily, so while yesterday’s lack of play was a bummer to the n-th degree, they’ll be back on the diamond tonight.

This time, they’re in Milwaukee to face off against the Brewers in a battle of NL Central would-be contenders. The Beers, at least, have managed to hover at .500, while the Reds have again dipped 3 full games under that mark.

The hope is that Trevor Bauer, the Reds starter for the evening, will be able to help them right the ship, something that he’s done in each of his two starts thus far. He’ll be opposed by Milwaukee starter Eric Lauer, a lefty, and as a result manager David Bell has gone with a right-heavy lineup devoid of Shogo Akiyama, Joey Votto, Mike Moustakas, and switch-hitter Freddy Galvis.

That’s right - you get to see Matt Davidson in the lineup again.

First pitch is set for 8:10 PM ET, and hopefully the Reds actually, y’know, play this time.

Reds Lineup

Beers Lineup