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Zombie Trade Deadline Edition

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Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Today marks the trade deadline for this bizarre season of covidball. Normally this is one of my favorite days of the year on the sports calendar. All the rank speculation and craven rumor mongering hits my pleasure centers square on the barrel.

But this year, because of everything, we don’t really get that. Because of course we don’t. Teams have proven reluctant - and with good cause - to trade young talent for established veterans on short-term contracts because c’mon who are we kidding nobody is going to double down on this weird short season with the legion ball tournament to determine the World Series champion. Flags fly forever and all, but we know what this season is and what it is not.

Still, this is a welcome distraction from the tornadic thunder blizzard raging outside my window. The Padres have been the most aggressive team so far approaching the trade deadline, acquiring half-dozen or so new players in the last week. Perhaps the highest profile player who could potentially be with a new organization at the end of the day is Mike Clevinger of the Cleveland baseball team. He’s something of a dipshit, but he throws balls good and will not be a free agent for another two seasons.

So we can all hang out here to talk about the news of the day.