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Reds vs. Royals, Game 2 - Preview and Lineups

Votto bangs again.

Kansas City Royals v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Let’s keep this going with a two-game series sweep, shall we?

The Reds have a chance to get back to .500 tonight, which seems very important if they still have aspirations of playoff baseball in 2020. They’ll have Wade Miley on the mound making only his second start, after a groin issue mercilessly took him out of his first start against Chicago. No Alex Gordon or Brett Phillips tonight for the Royals.

I’ll add another name to this list. Tonight’s starter Brad Keller.

Sure, Keller never “played for” the Reds, but the Reds did select him in the Rule 5 draft in 2017 and trade him to Kansas City for cash. Keller’s already given them 310 innings of 3.62 ERA ball since that deal, so I’d argue that the Royals got the better end of that one. Keller’s also making his second start of the season, after testing positive for the coronavirus. His debut was also against the Cubs, like Wade Miley’s, but he fared better, pitching 5 scoreless innings en route to 7 strikeouts.

The Reds trot out a much more regular lineup, with Shogo Akiyama and Freddy Galvis back in action, with Kyle Farmer getting another start after his slick-hitting and slick-fielding night last night.

Go Reds!

Reds lineup

Royals lineup