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Reds at Tigers, Game 2: a Preview

Do it again, but earlier. And hopefully better.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Detroit Tigers Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

So this one was supposed to go several hours from now, but instead, it’s going at 1 PM, because of weather.

Not because of a virus, so... well that’s good, I guess.

Anyway, Michael Fulmer is making the start today. It will likely be a short one, as the Tigers try to get the former Rookie of the Year back up to fighting weight. He missed all of 2019 after Tommy John Surgery. And his first start of 2020 could’ve gone better. He gave up three dongs to the Royals, with two strikeouts and a walk in 2.2 innings pitched.

Fulmer hasn’t ever been a big strikeout guy, never having posted more than 7.5 K per nine. But he doesn’t walk a ton of guys, and he also used to limit the big flies, but he didn’t in a shortened 2018 season, and then he didn’t last start.

The Reds, despite all of their offensive woes, can hit a home run or two. So Fulmer will have to dial that in.

The Reds will sends Trevor Bauer to the mound.