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MLB releases 2021 regular season schedule

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Remember 2020?

BBN-CARDINALS-REDS-MCGWIRE Photo by -/AFP via Getty Images

This is a cart:

This is a horse:

You see what I did there.

Major League Baseball, as it is wont to do, appears to be following similar strategery, this time in regards to the schedule. No, not the schedule for the modified restructured pandemic-induced retrofit 2020 schedule, mind you, that we just saw announced last week - for the 2021 regular season schedule. That’s what they dropped on our collective plate today, and the Cincinnati Reds version sits below courtesy of the social team at @Reds and a keen ability to copy/paste some HTML code.

Highlights of this schedule include:

  • the year 2021 actually existing
  • Opening Day at home against Mark McGwire, Ray Lankford, and the St. Louis Cardinals
  • no pandemic
  • an incredible Milwaukee-San Diego- Minneapolis road trip
  • financial solvency across the land
  • 9 of the final 18 games of the season against the Pittsburgh Pirates
  • an actual All Star break in July (presumably for an actual All Star Game)
  • baseball

It’s an interesting play by the powers that be in Major League Basball, choosing to just news-bomb us with this on a random Thursday in July 2020. Considering the fanfare and hour-long yap fest on MLB Network dedicated to the 2020 schedule’s unveiling just last week, this is a somewhat understated follow-up. As noted Red Reporter Derek Grimes noted in our Slack channel, perhaps this was strategically scheduled to coincide with last week’s announcement, as teams are in the process of offering fans refunds and/or credits for next year’s games in the wake of this year’s reduced number of games, and I’ll be damned, but that makes a pile of sense.

Anyway, if you’re of a mind to even contemplate making plans for real life in anno domini 2021, here’s a pretty good resource for how to do so in baseballing fashion. Until it all changes again, of course. Or until the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations cause it to seize up like an oilless engine.

Enjoy Arby’s.