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Podcast: MLB schedule released, and the Cincinnati Reds lucked out

The news of the week - in audio form.

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Pet Radio Photo by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

Major League Baseball releasedd the 60-game schedules for each of their 30 franchises this week.

(/looks at pandemic everywhere)

The Cincinnati Reds, who will participate in the AL/NL Central geographic region this year, look to have pretty well lucked out.

(/looks at rapidly rising positive case numbers)

Not a single team outside the actual AL Central will get to play the Detroit Tigers, who just lost 114 games last year, more than the Reds.

(/looks at growing list of MLB players who have tested positive)

It sure does appear that there is going to be major league ball this year, and we now know the exact path the Reds will have to navigate to make it back to the playoffs and put a Mission Accomplished banner on their years-long rebuild.

(/looks at growing list of established big leaguers opting out of playing in 2020)


Look, times are as weird as they have ever been in the baseball world, and that’s going to continue to be the case for months to come. Baseball, it appears, is committed to trying to play during those months. There are going to be hiccups. There have already been stumbles. The ability for MLB and the teams themselves to navigate this mess, continue to evolve and adapt, and for everyone to keep their tunnel-vision in place will become an advantageous ‘skill’ this season, while simple luck will also help dictate who is least impacted by this entire convoluted attempt.

While we’re still not 100% sold it’s a solid idea, we’re going to cover it if it happens, and right now it’s trying to happen. So, here’s the latest episode of the RR Podcast, with us attempting in earnest to bridge the gulf between ah hell nah and maybe, just maybe, it might work out. You can smash that orange play button below, should you have landed here on a platform that doesn’t strip out embedded HTML, or you can click this here link to have a listen. ARF and Grimey joined me, and a good old yap was had.

Go Reds. Go baseball.

Wear a mask, dammit.