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MLB releases 2020 schedule, Reds host Tigers to open season July 24th

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Surely this will go off without a hitch. Surely.

Division Series - Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Major League Baseball is set to return on July 23rd, unless it doesn’t.

The Cincinnati Reds are slated to open their 2020 regular season at 6:10 PM on July 24th, unless they can’t.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to chug right along, and despite multiple MLB players and administrators testing positive daily, MLB announced the entirety of the modified, 60-game schedule on Monday evening, one that will see the Reds play host to their now division rival Detroit Tigers to open the campaign, as’s Mark Sheldon tweeted conveniently.

That’ll take place presumably after some ‘Opening Night’ games featuring other clubs on the night of July 23rd.

I suppose we can dodge words on the logistical hurdles facing each of these clubs for a minute, since that’s basically the only baseball-adjacent thing we’ve had to write about and discuss for (/checks notes) four full months now. Let’s just say that there are numerous ones, including that there aren’t enough tests being done, the Oakland A’s haven’t even been able to start practice yet, scheduling preseason ‘exhibition games’ is a complete crapshoot up to the teams themselves, and...

Sorry, sorry. Sorry.

If they play these games, and if the Reds stay relatively healthy, and if the other division clubs don’t fundamentally alter themselves, this Reds club - and their schedule, which dodges coastal powers like the Dodgers and Yankees - sure seems plenty well positioned to do work. The addition of the DH lengthens an already potent lineup, providing manager David Bell with another lineup spot with which to stack a big bat, and the Reds roster was built precisely with that in mind. Pair that with a pitching staff that’s as talented as any in the game, and you’ve got a nice little stew potentially a-brewing.


They’re going to yap about it all on MLB Network and’s live stream for the rest of the hour, so you can peruse that if you so choose. Thanks to the social media team @Reds, however, you’ve now got access to the full Reds schedule below.