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The Daily Stupid - They’re really playing baseball through this

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Well, not everyone is.

Cincinnati Reds Summer Workouts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Apologies if this brief reads as if there are a hundred different stupid things banging hammers on iron skillets in my head, but there are currently a hundred different stupid things banging hammers on iron skillets - and we’re surrounded by them.

Today, though, we’ll try to focus on one, one that is near and dear to the hearts of our dear readers. Baseball - Major League Baseball, in particular - seems hellbent on putting their modified 60-game season on during this pandemic, and is doing so despite an alarming number of immediate concerns upon its return.

For one, there is the growing list of players who have already tested positive for the particular strain of coronavirus that has already caused some 130,000 deaths in this country alone. You could make quite a damn formidable roster out of them, with the likes of Charlie Blackmon, Freddie Freeman, and Tommy Pham all in varying stages of recovery at this point.

Next, you get to the players who have chosen to opt-out of playing this year, for reasons ranging from being high-risk to simply not wanting to put their families at risk. Nick Markakis joined that group today, one that includes baseball luminaries like Ryan Zimmerman, Mike Leake, and Felix Hernandez - with Mike Trout still quite conflicted with his decision.

Beyond those two jarring lists, you run into the actual workings of the modified game running into continual problems trying to manage playing baseball with the protocols of stemming the pandemic. Oakland, for instance, still cannot get onto the field yet, as testing issues continue to cause delays. Over in Washington, Sean Doolittle raised serious concerns over the weekend when he revealed in a presser that he was tested for the second time since returning to camp despite the results from his first test still not having been returned, a flaw in the system that could, in the wrong scenario, be a catastrophic issue.

Seemingly undeterred, MLB has not only announced that they’re finally going to reveal the regular season schedule later today, they’ve announced they’re going to make it a damn special on MLB Network. They’re going to spend an hour this evening detailing which teams are going to be in which cities for the 2+ months beginning July 23rd, and will do so roughly an hour after we find out that there were another 50,000 positive tests across the country, with nothing more than ‘try not to go to bars’ and ‘wear a mask if you can muster the competence’ as the lines of defense from Pacific to Atlantic.

It wouldn’t all sound so stupid if we hadn’t been so stupid, or if there was any chance we would ever stop being so stupid. The stupid thing is, though, that after going through this much of the pandemic whilst remaining stupid, it would be stupid to bet on us being anything other than stupid going forward, unfortunately. And whether it’s a good thing or not, we appear to be 100% willing to drag baseball through it with us.