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Reds at Tigers, Game 1: Preview and Lineups

This time, in Detroit.

Detroit Tigers v. Cincinnati Reds Photo by Kirk Irwin/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Well, yesterday was a complete washout.

Looks nice today, though, so hopefully we can play some baseball (before all of this comes crashing down around our heads).

This is the beginning of the second three game series the Reds will be playing against the Tigers already in this young season. The Reds looked pretty good early in the last one that begun just a week ago today. Unfortunately, the bullpen then happened, then Mike Moustakas and Nick Senzel fell ill and, well...

Moose and Senzel are officially back, as of Wednesday, and are in the lineup again today. That Wednesday lineup looked good, getting the best of Kyle Hendricks, one of the leagues better pitchers.

Today they’ll face Spencer Turnbull for the second time. Last Sunday, he made the Reds look down right silly. Though, that team was without two major cogs in its lineup and probably fearing for their own safety, as the results of the COVID tests weren’t yet known.

The Tigers are 4-3 on the young season, having just split a four game series with the Royals. The Reds are 2-4, having missed the opportunity to whip up on the Cubs during the rain out yesterday. Unfortunate. What’s not unfortunate is that means Luis Castillo gets to start tonight, and he already knows what to do with these Tigers batters.

Go Reds, they are my favorite team!

Reds Lineup
Tigers Lineup