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Good words and phrases in the game of baseball

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A Friday List.

Home Run Sculpture gathering dust at Marlins Park Roberto Koltun/El Nuevo Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Baseball is a sport that has been around for a century and a half, long enough to span eras, not just generations. The game has evolved in endless ways since its early origins, but many of the words and phrases we still hear today date back to the early vestiges of the game, back when folks rode horses to travel and everything was a colorless black and white void.

(At least that’s what the pictures make it look like.)

Anyway, it’s Friday, Fridays are for lists, and this is a Friday List of some great words and phrases in the baseball lexicon.

Can of Corn



Backdoor Slider

Butcher Boy


High Hard One

On the Chalk

Strike ‘em Out, Throw ‘em Out

Jam Shot





Step Off

Skip Schumaker


Bottom Falls Out


Early Shower

Golden Sombrero

Ate Him Up

Bush League

Cup of Coffee

Two-Bagger, Three-Bagger, Four-Bagger

Right Down Broadway


“Home Run Sculpture”


What else ya got?