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Mike Moustakas ‘not feeling well,’ Nick Senzel late scratch from Reds lineup

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That’s a bit ominous.

Detroit Tigers v. Cincinnati Reds Photo by Kirk Irwin/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Here we stand, barely three days into the 2020 MLB season, with the Cincinnati Reds having won one, and lost one game. Two games played during this attempt at navigating a pandemic while playing baseball, and the club has already seen one player - late addition Matt Davidson - test positive for COVID-19.

We don’t yet know a lot of things these days. The testing system is flawed, the virus impacts different people in wildly different ways, any most people that get it hardly even know they’ve got it. But in a system of protocols aimed at doing everything possible to detect any possible outbreaks before they can spread, an abundance of caution must be used, as we are talking about athletes attempting to ply their trade playing baseball - not PPE coated professionals who are doing everything possible not to get the virus.

So, when you hear that the Reds had late scratches of both Mike Moustakas and Nick Senzel from their lineup, that’s a disconcerting thing to hear. That’s precisely what happened this morning, as The Athletic’s C. Trent Rosecrans relayed, with manager David Bell noting that Moose woke up ‘not feeling well.’

Moose might have really bad allergies. I know I do, and sometimes I wake up this time of year with awful sinus headaches, and generally feel like crap. For now, we don’t have one iota of information to suggest anything more than that, but the reality is that in the midst of this pandemic, he’s not going to be around the club - let alone play - until multiple measures are taken to confirm that. In fact, as I was typing this he was placed on the IL, with the club calling up top prospect Tyler Stephenson to replace him on the roster.

Senzel, on the other hand, came with no qualifier. That’s odd in and of itself, since if he was a late scratch with a tight back or bruised shin or sore hamstring, the announcement would have been that he was a late scratch with a tight back or bruised shin or sore hamstring. This announcement made no such designation, which again is quite ominous.

Three days. This is the kind of churn we’ve seen the roster forced to make after just three days, and those three days all came in the confines of their home park.

This season is going to be rough, folks.