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Reds Summer Series, Game 2 - A Gamethread

Look, it’s a gamethread!

Cincinnati Reds Summer Workouts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Hey there! Been a while, huh?

There’s not a real baseball game on today, but we’ve got a little scrimmage going on that is going to look a little bit like real baseball, and well, that’s going to have to do.

Yesterday, “Cincy Ballers” beat “Fred’s Reds” in game one of the Reds Summer Series. The “Summer Series” is a way for manager David Bell to ramp up the intensity of this squad scrimmages as the real, live, 60-game baseball season gets closer and closer. It’s a best of three series, with the winning team getting to take Monday’s practice off.

Today, we’ll see game two.

Nick Castellanos is missing from today’s action, due to Tyler Mahle trying to maim him yesterday with a pitch. He’s probably fine, but he’s getting the day off.

This will be streamed live on with game action being called by Chris Welsh. It’s a bit of a dress rehearsal for everyone involved.

So, join us down there to talk about baseball, and probably more accurately, the general state of this crazy, stupid world.

“First pitch” is scheduled for 6:10 PM EDT.