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Podcast: Cincinnati Reds, Major League Baseball return

The Red Reporter Podcast returns, too.

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Pet Radio Photo by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

Major League Baseball, for now, is back.

Back-ish, really.

The Cincinnati Reds joined their MLB brethren in returning to work today, reporting back to Cincinnati for a quick ‘summer camp’ before embarking on a 60-game season beginning July 24th.

We don’t know when they’ll be playing yet. We don’t know where they’ll be playing yet. We know they’ll be playing NL Central and AL Central foes in this modified regular season, but we don’t really know anything, at all, beyond that.

We do know they’ll be ready to mash, though. The Universal DH paired with their potent offseason additions ensure that. We know they’ll be striking the hell out of their opponents, too, with a pitching staff that, on paper, looks just about as good as we’ve seen in Cincinnati in quite some time.

There is that one tiny, minor pandemic caveat, however. Yeah, that.

BK and Grimey joined me yesterday evening to wax emphatic about it all, and you can listen by smashing that orange play button below. If that’s been stripped out by the Googles and Apples that be, though, you can find the latest episode by following this link.