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The Daily Stupid - Return of The Daily Stupid

It’s all so incredibly daft.

Baltimore Orioles’ owner Peter Angelos (2nd L) tal Photo credit should read STAN HONDA/AFP via Getty Images

It’s us. We’re quite stupid.

After weeks of consistent efforts to maintain The Daily Stupid, we allowed it to fall a bit by the wayside. For that, we apologize.

Sometimes, it’s just that the piles and piles of stupid surrounding you stack up so quickly that you simply cannot react accordingly, and that appears to be precisely what took place over the last month. A blizzard of stupid, enough to make road conditions terrifying and make you question the integrity of your roof, and we’ve been trying our best to dig out from under it ever since.

We still don’t have baseball, as labor negotiations have taken over the day to day scoreboard.

The pandemic is still surrounding us, as South America and the Indian subcontinent have seen cases explode in recent weeks. Meanwhile, we here in the you ess of ayy have watched as cases spike in the south and west, with 30,000 new cases a day now being routinely reported.

Add-in that it’s a contentious election year rife with polarizing political ads drowning every source of media available, and the stupid, shall we say, has gone from sequestering ice-pack to melted-off floodwaters, and man is it ever rising rapidly.

Anything else stupid these days?