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Team names and locations in our dream MLB Players’ League

A Friday List - evening edition.

St. Louis Cardinals v San Diego Padres Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Earlier this week we got a pretty cheeky proposal from Red Reporter Evil Professor Emeritus Charlie Scrabbles, a concept that - legalese aside - makes so much danged since that it’s silly.

What if Major league Baseball Players gave a big ol’ finger to the owners wrecking the game, and just made up a new league themselves? Many of them have made hundreds of millions of bucks, with A-Rod perhaps approaching a thousand million. In theory, if they put their noggins together, they could put together a new, player-owned, player-run league full of players and players and non-billionaires, putting a product on the field that’s far more about the love of the game than it is about equity increases and revenue the way it’s become in modern MLB.

Is it farfetched? You’re damn right it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to think about. What’s also fun to think about is the idea that they’d not only be player-run teams, they could start them in cities across the country at their bidding.

Well, what if they did so with former and current players in mind? It’s that idiotic concept that got my brain juices flowing, so here is a list of new MLBPA teams with their locations and mascots homages to the history of MLB players.

Austin Jacksons

Orlando Hudsons

Jackson Stephens

Nicholasville Senzels

Hampton Mikes

Raleigh Eastwicks

Dallas Bradens

Nevada Pinsons

Houston Streets

Montana Tananas

St. Louis Quinones

Fort Wayne Krenchikis

Corpus Christi Mathewsons

Little Rock Raines

St. Paul Janishes

Virginia Griffeys

San Jose Altuves

Eugene Tenaces

Kentucky Dents

Madison Bumgarners

Durham Rays

Akron CJs

Rhode Island Arthurs

Honolulu Piniellas (home park pictured)