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MLB Draft 2020: Rounds 2-5, with a Competitive Balance pick for the Reds, too

Five more picks to help reload the Cincinnati farm.

2020 Major League Baseball Draft
Fred Manrob
Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Day two of the MLB Draft is Thursday. Thursday is today. Today is day two of the MLB Draft.

After adding future Hall of Famer Austin Hendrick on Wednesday evening with the #12 overall pick, the Cincinnati Reds will be back at work Thursday afternoon/evening trying to further bolster their farm system. Rounds 2-5 will all take place later today, thus completing this year’s modified, extremely shortened selection process - though the Reds will get the benefit of a Competitive Balance Round B selection after Round 2, as well.

All told, that’ll mean 5 new draftees for the farm, though the Reds will be able to sign as many undrafted free agents as they can after the draft ends, assuming any of those folks are willing to accept offers that cap-out at just $20,000.

Coverage of Day 2 will commence at 4 PM ET on MLB Network with a 1-hour run-up show, with selections beginning shortly after 5 PM ET. Coverage of the actual picks can be watched on ESPN2, as well as via streaming on

Go Reds. They’re George Foster’s favorite team!