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Cincinnati Reds links - Sim Reds hit the skids

Wednesday links!

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Vintage Game Console Shoot Photo by Neil Godwin/GamesMaster Magazine via Getty Images

We here at Red Reporter dot com spend our days scouring the interwebbos in order to ensure we can bring you the best #content available. Or, at least the best we can scrounge up in two to seven minutes of effort.

With that in mind, let me direct you to an update on the simulated Reds season being simulated by the simulators at Baseball Reference dot come, who are simulating a season simulation using the simulator from OOTP. Through 36 games, the sim Reds stand at 20-16, fresh off a recent string in which they went just 2-8 over a 10 game stretch. That has them in 2nd place in the sim Central, some 4 games behind the sim St. Louis Cardinals. Not terrible, though not great, but significantly better than the real Reds have been seemingly since the advent of color television.

A quick glance at the stats yields specific sim numbers that you can memorize, if you so choose, or you can just take the following summarized sim words as gospel.

  • Joey Votto is getting on base and swinging a wet noodle (again)
  • Eugenio Suarez is ‘slugging’ .302 some 36 games into the season ha ha ha ha
  • Mike Moustakas and Freddy Galvis are thumping at All-Star clips
  • Jesse Winker bangs
  • The pitching staff outside of Trevor Bauer is abysmal, somehow
  • Nick Senzel barely plays and it’s driving me mad for seconds at a time

Thus concludes the brief summary of a simulation that is not real baseball.

In other news,’s Mark Sheldon highlighted the five best international signees in Cincinnati Reds history, and they’re five good ones. I’d take all five, which is a good thing considering that’s supposed to be a list of good players. It is. I’ve already said that.

Over at, Matt Snyder makes note of the fact that lost games in the 2020 season are going to dent Joey Votto’s career profile, and he’s not wrong. Yes, it’s a counting stats thing more than a rate stats thing, and Matt gets that - he’s merely highlighting that a lot of old-timey round-numbers folks get hung up on certain counting stats, and Votto being sidelined will make a few of those more difficult to achieve.

Earlier this week, we spoke here about how the latest realignment proposal - the one that would lump a bunch of AL and NL teams together, the Reds landing in the ‘Central’ - would actually be pretty damn awesome since it would mean the Reds could use the DH more often than they otherwise would, and that their roster in particular was well suited for such a development. That’s become a hot topic, it would appear, as The Athletic considered a similar topic yesterday while FanGraphs dove into the numbers of such a structure earlier today.

ESPN has picked up coverage of KBO League baseball for the foreseeable future, and the early returns have been quite refreshing. Jay Jaffe of FanGraphs has a quick and dirty thumbnail guide to the teams and players you’ll be watching should you tune into the coverage, so check that out.

These cars are not social distancing and it’s giving me an ulcer.

Finally, today marks the 89th birthday of the inimitable Willie Mays, so I demand you give that man some dap. One of the absolute most elite, dominant players who has ever graced a baseball diamond with his presence, Mays hit 76 career dingers off Reds pitching in his day, including 35 in Crosley Field alone. In lieu of a direct link to some words that try to describe Mays’ brilliance, just look at these ridiculous numbers instead. Now wipe that drool off your chin.