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The Daily Stupid - Stu pid, four pid, six pid, a dollar

It’s Tuesday, dangit.


Moon River...whew, ever serve time, doc?

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, folks.

Happy Tuesday.

It’s been quite sunny in this nape of the woods lately. The hosta shoots are poking out their little heads, the strawberry patch is burgeoning, birds cheerfully chirp me awake through my open windows, and the stupid factor surrounding us continues its logarithmic rise.

Whether it’s fighting Big Face Mask to flex faux freedoms, publicly pining for a return to 1950s oppressive domestic roles, or sending one small dudeboat to South America in an attempt to make it rain some coups, the stupid seemingly knows zero bounds anymore.

If ever Frankie had it right, he had it right with Fly Me to the Moon. Give me a tank of water and some Bobby Womack albums, and I’d sign up for a one-way ticket right this minute.

What’s been stupiding you these days?