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Cincinnati Reds who would have been a lot cooler if their first name was ‘Bronson’

A thorough, yet surely incomplete Friday List.

Boston Red Sox v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

In honor of today ending in Y, we present to you a list of former Cincinnati Reds greats, legends, cameos, and heartthrobs who would have been cooler if they, like the inimitable Bronson Arroyo himself, had been given the first name of Bronson.

Bronson Brantley

Bronson Johnson

Bronson Treadway

Bronson Bong

Bronson Bell

Bronson Bell

Bronson Bell

Bronson Blauser

Bronson Adcock

Bronson Mo Pena

Bronson Billingham

Bronson Kluszewski

Bronson Bruce

Bronson Blandino

Bronson Burba

Bronson Van Poppel

Bronson Brosnan

Bronson Boone

Bronson Boone

Bronson Critz

Bronson Boone

Bronson Geronimo

Bronson Balentien

Bronson Wingo

Bronson Coutlangus

Bronson Carbo

Bronson Bones

Bronson Hoy

Bronson O’Toole

Bronson Gross

Bronson Benavides

Bronson Benzinger

Bronson Hoblitzell

Bronson Pipp

Bronson Schebler

Bronson Hook

Bronson Hooker

Bronson Alonso

Bronson Arredondo

Bronson Belinda

Bronson Viola (Pedro, not Frank)

Bronson Valentine

Bronson Sincock

Bronson Cormier

Bronson Luebbers

Bronson Bonilla

Bronson Portugal

Bronson McWeeny

Bronson Juul (I shit you not.)

Bronson Quinones