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The Daily Stupid - You need a compass to navigate through this

Monday, the worst day.

BoogelWoogel Alpine Carnival in Sochi Photo by Dmitry Feoktistov\TASS via Getty Images

I just spent almost a full hour trying to find a premise for this Daily Stupid, and that alone is premise enough for one.

It wasn’t for a lack of possibilities, of course. In this day and age, the stupid seems to emanate from every orifice on this planet, a non-stop spew of unavoidable dumbitude encasing us in a bubble of boorish banality.

I’d like to merely blame that on being Monday. Alas, it’s eons deeper than just that.

Whether it’s a New Yorker bucking quarantine in Hawaii to post Instagram pictures, the entire University of Kentucky cheerleading staff being fired for being lewd rude crude bags of pre-chewed food, or South Korean soccer clubs ‘accidentally’ filling fanless stadiums with sex dolls to mimic there being an audience, we’ve been bombarded with it of late.

The 1920s had flappers. The 1970s gave us disco. It appears the 2020s are determined to dote upon us complete, utter idiocy.

What’s stupiding you these days?