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Baseball experience tonight

Hang out here and watch some baseball with some baseball nerds

Oakland Athletics v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

We’ll be hosting a watch party here tonight at 8:30 pm edt. We’re gonna watch Aristides Aquino’s three-jammer game from August 10th, 2019 against the Chicago Cubs. MLB.TV has made every game from the 2018 and 19 seasons available for streaming, so head on over there and create an account for yourself if you haven’t already.

We will be pressing play on the game at 8:30 on the dot, so make sure your beer is cold and your prescription compression socks are pulled all the way up. We’ll have a regular ol’ game thread in which we’ll all be hanging out, probably talking about everything but the actual game that is on. It’ll be rad, I promise.