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The Daily Stupid - Earthquakes and ice confirm the stupid

It’s coming for us, alright.

QUITE A DIFFERENCE This is how Lake Mille Lacs looked on May 9, 2013. This year, ice-out was April 13.

It would appear that the Earth, as it is wont to do, has had just about enough.

Today is Earth Day, of course, and while we’re all still quarantining to help curb the spread of a virus that has been wrecking the globe for months now, that’s not the only thing the Earth has in store for us.

Our good friends in California got a middle of the night shimmy, as a 3.7 magnitude earthquake struck just outside Los Angeles, fortunately one that served mainly as a mere reminder that it has the power to completely crumble us at any point in our existence.

Meanwhile, ice in Minnesota threw up its hands and said “I’ve had it with this crap,” and has begun barging into homes and garages that dare set up shop on the shores of its lakes.

Ice is literally throwing itself at us these days. Stupid as we largely are, we probably deserve it.

What’s stupid in your neck of the way...nape of the woods today?