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Good anagrams of great players in Cincinnati Reds history


Warty Buckles!
Photo by Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

What, like you’ve got something better to do?

James William “Jim” Maloney - A Mammals Jolly Wienie

Noodles Hahn - No Handle Hos

Bronson Anthony Arroyo - Annoy Horny Torso Baron

Barry Louis Larkin - Librarians Lurk Yo

Kevin Darnell Mitchell - Nicknamed Thrill Level

Bucky Walters - Warty Buckles

Linus Reinhard “Lonny” Frey - Inhaled Furry Resin

George Arthur Foster - Reggae Truth Roofers

Gus Bell - Bug Sell

Bret Boone - Been Robot

Eugenio Alejandro Suarez - Adrenaline User Ooze a Jug

High Pockets Kelly - Lightly Spoke Heck

Frank Andrew McCormick - Mr Nicknacked Farmed Crow

Jay Allen Bruce - Jelly Near Cuba

Ray Knight - Yank Girth (!!)

These are some good anagrams of great players in Cincinnati Reds history. And some others.