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Spring Training 2020: Reds at Royals (3:05 PM ET); Reds vs. Cubs (4:05 PM ET)

Split-squad action for your Saturday enjoyment!

Fremont Street in Las Vegas Photo by �� Bettmann/CORBIS/Bettmann Archive

Las Vegas, a savage journey to the heart of the American dream.

The Cincinnati Reds will tread that journey today, or at least a good portion of them will. Today, this Saturday the 7th, the Reds will attempt to divide and conquer, sending half their forces to bat country to take on the Chicago Cubs. Meanwhile, they’ll see if their diversion can catch the Kansas City Royals by surprise, as the Reds will also be sending half their bats to Surprise Stadium to take on their AL Central foes.

Saturday split-squad doubleheader. Peak spring training action, if you ask me.

Sonny Gray will lead the charge for the Reds against the Royals, with that game slated to begin at 3:05 PM ET. Meanwhile, Tejay Antone will toe the rubber for the Reds in Vegas against the Baby Bears, with that tussle slated for a 4:05 PM ET start. Two games, two different start times, and a clock-roll forward all on the same day? Man, I’m not sure my brain is cut out for this much.

Sadly, the contest with the Windsors will not be televised, but if you’re in Cubs territory or have MLB dot tv, you can catch the game from Vegas via the Cubs feed.

Go Reds. Both of them. Lineups below.