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The Daily Stupid - Happy Monday

Monday isn’t as scary when you’ve lost all track of time.

Senate Takes Up Coronavirus Relief Bill Passed By House Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The other day, my wife and I were walking the dog. I was pushing the stroller with our three-month old in-tow while she had the dog on the leash. Our dog saw a couple squirrels down the hill, so naturally she decided to chase them up a tree. She weighs about 65 lbs so she has some power and drug my wife down the hill with her. As I’m laughing at/yelling to my wife to drop the leash, I notice something falling from the tree. Assuming it’s a branch, I stop the stroller so my son doesn’t get hit by a falling tree branch. It turns out that the branch landed with a sqeak and took off running. That branch was a squirrel that had no other plans besides jumping from a tree and almost landing in a stroller. Squirrels are stupid.

What else is stupid today, Red Reporters?