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Good names in Cincinnati Reds history

A Friday list.

Denver Post Archives Denver Post via Getty Images

This is a list of some good, above-average names in the illustrious history of the Cincinnati Reds fighting baseball academy. It might well be incomplete, there are zero parameters for inclusion, it’s subjective as hell, and it is certainly not in order, but that’s a metaphor for the times in which we find ourselves, I’d imagine.

A list:

Shad Barry (1905-1906) - He reportedly wore a beret. The kind you find at a second-hand store.

Wingo Anderson (1910) - That is no nickname. That’s his real one.

Skeeter Barnes (1983-1984; 1989) - Hometown bias, but worthy.

Matt Batts (1955-1956) - Matt Batts, just not very well (.616 OPS, 60 OPS+)

Jim Bluejacket (1916) - Ohio’s first known professional hockey player.

Dave Brain (1908) - The heart of the operation.

Rocky Bridges (1953-1957) - Lead architect of the Brent-Spence.

Guy Bush (1945) - Two very open eyes staring to the left emoji.

Goat Cochrane (1915) - His 0.0 BB/9 is the Greatest Of All Time.

Dusty Cooke (1938) - Actually a fabulous cook, just in the time of the Dust Bowl.

Pop Corkhill (1883-1891) - Cop Porkhill.

Pea Ridge Day (1926) - Good name, but better when you say it in Geno’s voice.

Astyanax Douglass (1921; 1925) - wut

Johnny Gooch (1929-1930) - JOHNNY GOOOOCH!

Dixie Howell (1949) - Not to be confused with teammate Dixie Howell.

Dixie Howell (1949-1952) - Not to be confused with teammate Dixie Howell.

Clint Hurdle (1982) - Was only hit by 1 pitch as a member of the Reds, surprisingly.

Peanuts Lowery (1949-1950) - Never made more than league-minimum.

Curt Lyons (1996) - Roared snidely in only 3 career appearances.

Swat McCabe (1909-1910) - Swatted zero career dingers.

Doug McWeeny (1930) - I’m shutting this down for now.

A list. Tune in next time for a similar list that could either be categorized as a separate list or more of this particular list.