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Arizona-based Cincinnati Reds employee tests positive for COVID-19

The club announced the findings on Wednesday.

Cleveland Indians Player Development Complex Photo by Mike Moore/Getty Images

Every day we trudge forward in this coronavirus pandemic, it becomes more and move apparent that it is going to impact almost every corner of our lives. That became increasingly true on Wednesday, as the Cincinnati Reds announced that one of their Arizona-based employees has tested positive for COVID-19.

Given that the dates of February 29th through March 14th included a timeframe when the bulk of the franchise was still around and in full Cactus League swing, there is obviously going to be concern about the breadth of the spread. As mentioned in the message, those that came in close contact to the person are self-quarantining in an attempt to help quash the spread.

Hopefully, that’s precisely what will happen. We’ve already witnessed the high-profile cases in the sports world with the Utah Jazz and Brooklyn Nets, and the New York Yankees have dealt with positive tests with several of their minor leaguers. And while it’s somewhat unfortunate for the average Joe to find out that athletes seem be finding ways to get tested at much more frequent rates than the rest of us, hopefully that at least means they’re getting the requisite care to help recover without further risk of rampant spread.