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2020 Spring Training: Game 8 at Brewers (3:05 PM ET)

The Reds and Beers do some baseballin’ in the desert.

League Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two

Wade Miley is a Cincinnati Red, and I think I still need to say that to myself a time or three to make sure I remember. Y’see, it’s a bit easy to forget the Reds doled out a two-year contract to the veteran lefty, what with the mammoth deals given out to Mike Moustakas and Nick Castellanos as well as the international fanfare generated by the team’s signing of Shogo Akiyama out of Japan.

Miley, though, has been a pretty dang good middle of the rotation piece for a few years now, thanks in large part to his mid-career renaissance in Milwaukee under the tutelage of now Reds pitching coach Derek Johnson. That reunion was as intriguing to the Reds as Miley’s upside, I’m sure, and today we’ll get our first look at the duo’s work in a Cincinnati uniform as Miley takes the mound for Cactus League action today.

Of course, he’ll be doing so against that very Milwaukee Brewers ballclub, a formidable one in its own right who has spent much of the winter going through a pretty serious makeover, too.

This one’s on the TV again today, as you can watch either FS-Ohio or Milwaukee’s feed, or you can stream it through if your location manages to thread through their draconian blackout rules juuuust right.

First pitch is set for 3:05 PM ET. The lineup’s listed below.