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2020 Spring Training: Game 2 vs. Rangers (3:05 ET)

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Chicago White Sox v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

We get our first look at Luis Castillo today, as well as the lineup that we would have seen on Saturday if the weather had cooperated. From C. Trent:

Lineup notes:

  • We’re already seeing that it’s pretty hard to get all of these outfielders ABs. It’s Ervin/Jankowski/Castellanos today, with Stuart Fairchild and Boog Powell as reserves.
  • Moose at 2B for his first action. Looking forward to seeing how that looks.
  • Pitchers I’m excited to see: Tyler Thornburg, Brooks Raley, Junichi Tazawa
  • Hitters I’m excited to see: Fairchild, Ervin, Jose Garcia, Jonathan India