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World Series, Game Five, Game Thread

Games! Sports!

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Three Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So, last night was pretty neat, huh!?

After a wild 9th inning, instead of going for a World Series clincher in Game 5, Clayton Kershaw will take the mound with it all tied up. It’ll just be the latest chapter for Kershaw in a career of playoff struggles... but narratives can be changed in a moment. He was terrific in Game 1, and another outing like that, that would put LA one win away from a championship, is certainly a narrative changer.

Just not quite a big as it could’ve been.

On the other side of things, the Rays will need Tyler Glasnow to be better than he was in Game 1, as he walked six and allowed six runs in just 4.1 IP.

These games have been pretty entertaining, and you may call last night an “Instant Classic.” Hopefully we’ll get a few more like that.

Go Reds.