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2020 Red Reporter Community Prospect Rankings: Rece Hinds Is #13

I screwed up and I’ll explain below.

So, I’m an idiot and didn’t realize that Stuart Fairchild was the #7 prospect when I wrote up the CPR the other day. I wasn’t the person that wrote his original bio, and I didn’t write the article when he won. I saw him listed at #16 on and figured he would be a good add. So, through an epic amount of happenstance, and me being a giant idiot, Stuart Fairchild technically won again. But, if we go to a run off election, it was pretty clear that you supported Rece Hinds over Jameson Hannah. Technically speaking, if all of Fairchild’s votes had went to Hannah he would have won, but I’d say that is a bordering on statistically impossible. So, Rece Hinds wins. Don’t like it? Too bad. You get two new prospects to vote on to make up for it.

Jameson Hannah, 22, OF

Highest 2019 Level: A+ Daytona

Eye-Poppingest Fact: .339 OBP. Good Defense.

Most Worrisome Fact: No Power. None

Alias(es): Irish Whiskey, Hannah Barbera,

BB-Ref Page

Jameson Hannah came to the Reds in return for the titan that was Tanner Roark. Actually, if you think about it Hannah is a pretty good return. I think he was a Top 10 prospect in the A’s organization and slots just about right there for the Reds. Hannah is one of those high floor, low ceilings guys. He’s stable but not anything super exciting. He gets on base. He play solid defense. He can get the bat on the ball. He slashed .274/.339/.369 for 2019 playing exclusively at A+. Though, he did only steal eight bases and was caught eight times.

Scouts also aren’t that low on him right now. Even though he hasn’t hit well, he grades out with a 45 power grade. He also has a supposed 55 grade hit tool. All of these should make Hannah a more intriguing player going forward. As of right now he looks like a 4th OF candidate but one that should stick in CF because of his athleticism. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll make some kind of gigantic leap in AA.

Ivan Johnson, 21, SS/2B

Highest 2019 Level: Rookie (Greeneville)

Eye-Poppingest Fact: .255/.327/.415 slash line with six dinger and 11 steal.

Most Worrisome Fact: Probably can’t play short stop. Not flashy.

Alias(es): Ivan The Terrible, Ivana Johnson, Russianwurst

BB-Ref Page

Ivan Johnson was drafted in the 4th round of the 2019 draft out of community college. He’s a guy that was signed slightly under slot, about 100k, which helped sign Tyler Callihan and Rece Hinds. But, don’t let that fact fool you about Ivan Johnson. He’s a fun prospect in his own right. He is a guy that can play the middle infielder and is considered a higher floor prospect due to the belief that he can hit. In his first season of pro ball, he did show that he has some plate discipline and power in his bat. He also played at a level that was honestly pretty realistic coming out of community college. You’d like to see a better average but it was a good showing.

The problems with Johnson come from the idea that he’s rather boring. He grades out decently well as a hitter up the middle, but his defense doesn’t really play at short stop. He didn’t even play short stop in community college because they had a better defender than him. Luckily, he seems to be a very coachable kid and was willing to go to second. His bat should help him continue to grow, but we’ll have to see how he matures from year to year. Maybe he’ll start the year in Dayton but that could also be too aggressive. The downside in his development is his age. How patient are the Reds going to have to be?

Vladimir Gutierrez, 24, RHP

Highest 2019 Level: AAA Louisville

Eye-Poppingest Fact: His control and plus stuff. His 2017 and 2018 years were pretty good.

Most Worrisome Fact: His 2019 season was just one big dumpster fire.

Alias(es): Vladdy Goots, The Count, The Cuban Impaler

Vladimir Gutierrez is a pitcher that the Reds signed out a Cuba a few years ago for a good chunk of change. For the most part he’s been pretty good as a prospect for the Reds. When they signed him it always looked like he’d be a bit of a project, but he had good stuff. There were comparisons to Raisel Iglesias but that was mostly body type. What he struggled with exclusively in the minors were big innings and giving up the long ball. But, he also struck out a good number of batters while limiting the walks. In 2017 he had a K/BB ratio of 4.95 and 3.82 in 2018. Those are important numbers, and you’d just assume that Vladdy would get it.

He can throw in upper 90’s. He has two above average off speed pitches. He has good control. If you look at the scouting reports it is a no brainer that this guy should be good. But, in 2019, in his first glimpse of AAA he got killed. In 137 innings he had a 6.57 ERA, 1.401 WHIP, 9.5 H/9, 3.2 BB/9, and a 7.7 K/9. I also believe he may have missed some time with injury. However, those numbers are horrible. You can’t last with them. He was getting hit, hit hard, walking more guys than ever before, and not striking them out at the same clip. It’s a recipe for disaster. Luckily, for Vladdy, and the Reds, he still has time. He gets a fresh start this year, and with his stuff he’ll get plenty of chances. Hopefully, he figures it all out, and it would be pretty cool if he did.


Who is the Reds #14 Prospect?

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    Jameson Hannah, OF
    (55 votes)
  • 13%
    Ivan Johnson, SS/2B
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  • 57%
    Vladimir Gutierrez, RHP
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