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2020 Red Reporter Community Prospect Rankings: Jose Siri Is #12!

Which is fine, but he better stop running into walls.

Cincinnati Reds v Cleveland Indians Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images

Congratulations to Jose Siri who ends up at #12 on the CPR list after spending one day in the polls. Rece Hinds has spent what feels like an eternity stuck there. You guys must not like him much. But, Siri is still a guy to get plenty of excited about. He has all the tools and is a stellar defender. He still needs to continue to work on his plate discipline, but if he ever figures it out it sounds like he’ll be one hell of a player. On to #13.

Rece Hinds, 19, 3B

Highest 2019 Level: Rookie (Greeneville)

Eye-Poppingest Fact: walked twice

Most Worrisome Fact: has never once picked up a hit as a professional

Alias(es): ‘Spoon, 57

BB-Ref Page

If you thought there was very little to go on with Siani and even less with Callihan, allow me to introduce you to Rece Hinds. Hinds, 19, was the 49th overall draft pick last year when the Reds plucked him in the 2nd round, and the 6’4” power-blaster has the natural ability to obliterate baseballs that few his age, or older, possess.

Of course, we just haven’t had the chance to see any of it yet.

Hinds logged just 10 PA for the Greeneville Reds in 2019 before a leg muscle injury sidelined him for the remainder of the year. In that time he picked up nary a hit, walked twice, struck out thrice, and drove in a lone run. So, we’re not exactly ranking him anywhere based on what he’s done to date, but rather his natural tools.


He’s listed at 215 lb for now, but will likely continue to fill out, and his size certainly helps fuel his powerful swing, which at this juncture is his calling card. He’ll swing and miss plenty - who doesn’t these days - but the Reds were obviously high enough on him to sign him for some $1.8 million last summer, and there are ample tools there. Hopefully, we get to see them on display healthily in 2020, with some dingers as a Dayton Dragon in his near future.

Jameson Hannah, 22, OF

Highest 2019 Level: A+ Daytona

Eye-Poppingest Fact: .339 OBP. Good Defense.

Most Worrisome Fact: No Power. None

Alias(es): Irish Whiskey, Hannah Barbera,

BB-Ref Page

Jameson Hannah came to the Reds in return for the titan that was Tanner Roark. Actually, if you think about it Hannah is a pretty good return. I think he was a Top 10 prospect in the A’s organization and slots just about right there for the Reds. Hannah is one of those high floor, low ceilings guys. He’s stable but not anything super exciting. He gets on base. He play solid defense. He can get the bat on the ball. He slashed .274/.339/.369 for 2019 playing exclusively at A+. Though, he did only steal eight bases and was caught eight times.

Scouts also aren’t that low on him right now. Even though he hasn’t hit well, he grades out with a 45 power grade. He also has a supposed 55 grade hit tool. All of these should make Hannah a more intriguing player going forward. As of right now he looks like a 4th OF candidate but one that should stick in CF because of his athleticism. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll make some kind of gigantic leap in AA.

Stuart Fairchild, 23, OF

Highest 2019 Level: AA Chattanooga

Eye-Poppingest Fact: .264/.352/.441 slash line in 460 PA. 19 walks against 23 strikeouts in AA

Most Worrisome Fact: Can he play center field? He’s not super fast? Age?

Alias(es): Stuart Little, Stu Meat, Skid

BB-Ref Page

Stuart Fairchild has been around for a while, but I was surprised when I saw that he was only 23 years old. But, I’m also kind of dumb. Stuart was drafted by the Reds in 2017 and that isn’t really that long ago. He was also a 2nd round pick. He’s bounced around a bit from good and bad while with the Reds but has never been horrible. More or less he’s been slowly promoted and struggled a bit in those promotions. However, Stewey decided to play ball in 2019. He showed some power and ability to walk while covering all three outfield positions. He received a mid-season promotion to AA where he still showed the same power while increasing his walk rate while cutting his strikeout rate in almost half. That was in almost 200 plate appearances. It’s not all small sample there, especially with the strikeouts.

The fun thing is trying to measure if Fairchild figured something out and just got better as the season went on. Not only did he have a great year in the minors but he destroyed the Arizona Fall League competition. Showing good contact, patience, and power. Fairchild is never going to be a guy that wows the scouts. His scouting grades are rather poor for everything other than defense. Looking at his scouting profile he looks like a fourth outfielder type. He can hit for decent enough power and plays good defense. Not to mention that defensive versatility. However, if he can continue to improve as a hitter, and can stick in center field, he’s going to start making some noise.


Who is the Reds #13 prospect?

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    Rece Hinds, 3B
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  • 10%
    Jameson Hannah, CF
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  • 45%
    Stuart Fairchild, OF
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