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2020 Red Reporter Community Prospect Rankings: Michael Siani Is Your #8 Prospect!

The slicking fielding center fielder gets himself into the Top 10.

USA Baseball 18U National Team Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Getty Images

Michael Siani seems to still have your eye. You jumped him over Tyler Callihan, which has as the Reds #5 prospect. Siani does have his question marks, but also is exciting enough to dream on. His glove will definitely play, but we’re looking to see if he can make some jumps in offense. If he can keep his plate discipline while growing into some power a bit that would be fantastic.

Tyler Callihan, 19, 2B/3B

Highest 2019 Level: Rookie (Billings)

Eye-Poppingest Fact: .172 ISO in 217 PAs in Greeneville. Good hit and power tool.

Most Worrisome Fact: 4.1 BB% and 21.2 K% in Greeneville. Maybe not the best defender.

Alias(es): Tyler Boy, Callihan Auto, Paint Chips

BB-Ref Page

Tyler Callihan was drafted by the Reds in last year’s draft in the third round out of Florida. At the time it was deemed a hard signing for the Reds because Callihan was well thought of and had a strong commitment to South Carolina. Instead, the Reds threw $1.5 mil at him to sign and were obviously lauded for doing so. Callihan is viewed by scouts as being a prospect that will be able to hit (55+ possible hit and power tool) with passable defense at 2B and 3B. Basically, he’ll find a place to play because the kid can hit. His only negative tool is that he isn’t very fast. Because of these facts, Callihan could be a fast riser on prospect lists with a good season. He’s not your typical high school draftee because there aren’t quite as many question marks about the kid.

In 2019, Callihan started the year in Greeneville where he got off to a slow start. He had a .250/.286/.422 slash line in 217 PAs. The bigger issues is Callihan didn’t show much of a propensity to take a walk with a walk rate less than 5%. But, it was also his first taste of pro ball and was facing a decent amount of college pitchers. Callihan did finish the year in Billings where he got a small sample size taste of success by hitting .400/.429/.650 in 21 plate appearances with a dinger and a triple. Obviously, the kid has decent power but will need to refine his approach going forward. Kudos for the Reds for continuing to be creative with the draft bonus pool and throw money around at high school kids with serious talent. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Callihan go to Dayton to start the year, but the Reds may be more cautious.

Rece Hinds, 19, 3B

Highest 2019 Level: Rookie (Greeneville)

Eye-Poppingest Fact: walked twice

Most Worrisome Fact: has never once picked up a hit as a professional

Alias(es): ‘Spoon, 57

BB-Ref Page

If you thought there was very little to go on with Siani and even less with Callihan, allow me to introduce you to Rece Hinds. Hinds, 19, was the 49th overall draft pick last year when the Reds plucked him in the 2nd round, and the 6’4” power-blaster has the natural ability to obliterate baseballs that few his age, or older, possess.

Of course, we just haven’t had the chance to see any of it yet.

Hinds logged just 10 PA for the Greeneville Reds in 2019 before a leg muscle injury sidelined him for the remainder of the year. In that time he picked up nary a hit, walked twice, struck out thrice, and drove in a lone run. So, we’re not exactly ranking him anywhere based on what he’s done to date, but rather his natural tools.

He’s listed at 215 lb for now, but will likely continue to fill out, and his size certainly helps fuel his powerful swing, which at this juncture is his calling card. He’ll swing and miss plenty - who doesn’t these days - but the Reds were obviously high enough on him to sign him for some $1.8 million last summer, and there are ample tools there. Hopefully, we get to see them on display healthily in 2020, with some dingers as a Dayton Dragon in his near future.

Packy Naughton, 23, LHP

Highest 2019 Level: AA Chattanooga

Eye-Poppingest Fact: 2.0 BB/9 in A+ and AA across 157 innings. 7.5 K/9 and 0.6 HR/9

Most Worrisome Fact: 9.1 H/9. Does he have good enough stuff keep hitters honest?

Alias(es): Sweet Packy Malacky, Wacky Packy Tobbaccy, Naughton or Nice

I didn’t really know who to choose so I decided to throw one of my favorite prospects of 2019 into the mix. That guy is Packy Naughton. Packy had one of the more exciting and more prosperous seasons last year. Naughton was drafted out of the 9th round of the 2017 draft out of Virginia Tech, and ever since being drafted by the Reds has pitched pretty well. For the most part, he’s been a guy that’s controlled the walks, homers, while striking out a few guys. For him to get to AA at the age of 22 is pretty good for a guy with his stuff. You usually see them struggle at certain steps before they progress.

There really isn’t much to say about the guy outside that he is boring but good. He pitches anywhere from 87-94 MPH with good deception and movement. He does have an above average change up which could help Naughton stick as a reliever if he flames out as a starter. The problem is a slurvy kind of breaking ball that often doesn’t stick as a curveball or a slider because of poor mechanics. If he can refine some kind of third pitch it would go a long way to getting to the bigs. Right now he’s a #5 ceiling pitcher or a good middle inning reliever. That’s not bad, but he’s up on the list right now because of his real good 2019.


Who is the Reds # 8 prospect?

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    Rece Hinds, 3B
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    Packy Naughton, LHP
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