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Reds vs. Phillies, Game 4 - Preview and Lineups

Let’s not make an It’s Always Sonny in Philadelphia reference. Too obvious.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Cincinnati Reds Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

August was one of the most dominant and spectacular months of Sonny Gray’s career. Jack Flaherty won the official Pitcher of the Month Award sponsored by Morton’s Reinforced Aluminum Lawn Aerators. But Sonny was just as good and deserving, not that it matters at all. In six starts, he posted a protonically small 0.74 ERA with a batting average against of just .142. While staff ace and fellow All-Star Luis Castillo had a rough go of it for a few weeks, Sonny made the money, honey. There isn’t nearly enough we can say about how fantastic Sonny Gray has been in his first year as a Red. And the Reds smartly acquired him for a modest price and extended his contract for another three (very reasonably priced) years. This is one of the greatest roster-building successes in recent Reds’ history.

Jason Vargas is still – somehow – an effective major league pitcher, which is really nice for him. The Phillies snagged him from the rival Mets for a few bits at the trade deadline for just such an occasion as a getaway day afternoon game against the Reds in early September. It’s hand in glove, man.

The Reds have played like cranky toddlers in day games this year, so here’s hoping they do better today.

Reds lineup

Phillies lineup