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Reds vs. Phillies, Game 2 - Preview and Lineups

Maybe the Reds will wake up?

Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hy Peskin/Getty Images

Happy Post-Labor Day weekend, a Tuesday that totally feels like a Monday, though, the Reds have been playing like they feel like that everyday for last week or so!

The Fightin’s and Reds will ramp up game two of their four gamer today at 6:40 PM EDT. The Reds will turn to Lucas Sims, who will be making the start in place of Alex Wood, who has been scratched once again with a balky back. We’ll have to see how long it’ll take to clear up, but it’s quite possible we’ve seen the last of Alex Wood in a Reds uniform.

Sims will be making his third start of the season. He owns a 4.99 ERA on the season, but that jumps to a 6.75 ERA when accounting for his two starts. The number is a bit inflated by the four runs he gave up in his first start, trying to get through the eighth inning while the Reds had a comfortable lead. He probably shouldn’t have still been in the ball game.

He made his second start about two months later and gave up five earned runs through 4.2 innings against the Brewers, allowing two dingers. In his 15 relief appearances (18.2 IP), Sims owns a more palatable 3.86 ERA. His peripherals across his 30.2 IP look pretty okay, really, though he’s allowed seven HRs (2.1 p nine innings pitched), which could definitely stand to come down. Otherwise, the numbers look pretty good, with the 12.9 K/9 the standout.

The Phillies will turn to Vince Velazquez, who has played the starter and reliever role this season as well. He owns an identical HR9 as Sims in his 96.1 innings pitched, and he’s been primarily a starter since June 16. He doesn’t go deep into games, having only exceeded 5.2 IP once in that timeframe, and actually only mustering 2.1 IP against the Marlins about a week and half ago.

Eugenio Suarez is still out of the starting lineup with his hand contusion. Kyle Farmer will get the start at 3B, while Freddy Galvis (?) will start in the three hole.

Reds lineup

Phillies lineup