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FanPulse Week 23: And the confidence in the Cincinnati Reds dried up

Pulsing the vibe of a certain group of fans.

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Sooner or later, the downturn in fan confidence in the Cincinnati Reds was going to show up. As it turns out, it did with you select FanPulsers at just about the same time the Reds began to completely fall out of the race, too.

These results came in just before the weekend series with the St. Louis Cardinals, for the record, though I can only imagine that this week’s results will continue the trend, what with the Reds finding a way to lose 4 games in 3 days between St. Louis and their series opener against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The bats continue to look largely silent and the bullpen has imploded so often in the last few weeks that the word imploded has been completely overused. Even the vaunted starting rotation has sprung leaks, as Trevor Bauer has disappointed and Alex Wood is now back on the shelf with, well, back issues.

The Reds only have some 25 games left to turn the confidence tide before heading into an offseason that looks to be pretty danged important to this generation of Reds fans. Stay tuned to see how that shakes out.