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Reds at Mariners, Game 3 - Preview and lineups

Can the Reds salvage a win out of this series?

Cincinnati Reds v Seattle Mariners Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Hey guess what the Mariners are awful and all set to sweep the Reds.

I still like Tyler Mahle, dammit. His stuff is legit and he has struck out four times the batters that he has walked this season. I’m fully aware that these are straws at which I’m grasping so don’t bother.

Still, his ERA is approaching 5.00 and he is far too willing to provide opposing hitters the opportunity to hit home runs. And although wins and losses for a pitcher are as relevant as his butt size, his record is 2-11. The Reds are already enough like the Bengals. They don’t need anything else going that way.

Since his return from the IL (injured list) and the IL (International League), he has pitched one good game and one bad game. By the laws of baseball and the galaxy, he is required to pitch a good game this evening.

Starting for the Mariners is Justin Dunn, who will be making his Major League debut. Dunn was one of the prospects the Mariners received when they shipped Edwin Diaz and the shadow of Robinson Cano to the Mets this past winter. He threw pretty well this season at AA Arkansas (hey, arfles!) and has strikeout stuff. The Reds lineup has look bad against pretty much everyone of late, so I’m not even going to suggest anything.

First pitch is again set for 10:10 PM ET.

Go, Reds. They are my favorite team and will more than likely continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Reds Lineup

Mariners Lineup