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Reds fans cautiously optimistic about team’s direction heading into 2020

At least, a few of them are.

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Jack McKeon #31

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Another week, another round of FanPulse voting results.

Despite the fact that the Cincinnati Reds are floundering in the standings, that top rookie Nick Senzel and promising young outfielder Jesse Winker remain sidelined, and that the bullpen remains an area of great question, voting fans still appear to be more positive than not in the direction of the team.

At least, that’s what the graph below seems to say, and we know not to mess with Tony Graphanino.

Of course, that it’s just now hovering slightly above the 50% mark is telling in itself considering confidence was radiating above the 75% mark for much of the season. In the wake of the July 31st trade deadline and the acquisition of Trevor Bauer, the once-cratering confidence spiked yet again, as it did with the money-splash claims of Kevin Gausman and Freddy Galvis.

As we all know, though, the Reds fell flat immediately after that in the biggest homestand in a half-decade, and while there are numerous solid building blocks that suggest the idea of making waves in 2020 is possible, finally, there still appear to be quite a number of holes on this roster that need to be filled.

If this series of polls is to be believe, only a smidge over half of you think this front office is going to be willing and able to pull it off.

We’ll see!