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Reds at Braves, Game 3 - Preview and Lineups

Trevor Bauer makes his Cincinnati Reds debut.

Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There was a good chunk of time dedicated to tonight’s starting pitcher being the future face of the Cincinnati Reds pitching staff. It was written about how perfect of a fit his pitching tendencies would be for what ailed the club’s staff, how good of a fit he’d be pitching in a home ball park that’s tiny, and how the get the pitching mantra paired with the record payroll promises made him wearing a Reds jersey sound plausible, if not probable, even.

Of course, I’m talking about Dallas Keuchel, who is starting not for the Reds tonight, but for the Atlanta Braves. After sitting out a giant chunk of the season following a free agency whirlwind that left him virtually locked out at the price he should have been able to command, he eventually settled for a measly 1 year, $13 million pact to be a Brave. And, he didn’t cost Taylor Trammell, either.

Keuchel and his 3.86 ERA (though 8 starts) will instead be up against a different Cincinnati pitching acquisition, as Trevor Bauer will make his debut for the Reds tonight on the flip side of the bump. Bauer and his 3.79 ERA in an MLB-best 156.2 IP to date came to the Reds in the massive pre-deadline deal that included Trammell going to the San Diego Padres and a cadre of players - Yasiel Puig included - heading to Cleveland in return. It was a deal that had 2020 primarily in mind, but we’ll at least get to see if Bauer can go full C.C. Sabathia circa 2008 and help these 2019 Reds make some kind of miraculous run to the finish line, too.

First pitch is set again for 7:20 PM ET tonight, so you’ll get a Saturday prime-time experience to evaluate the Reds new hurler.

Go Reds. Do the dang thing.

Cincinnati Lineup

Atlanta Lineup