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Reds at Marlins, Game 4 - Preview and Lineups

Alex Wood grabs the broom.

St Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

You know, I get the sense that if the Reds could play against the rest of baseball the way they have played against the Marlins in this series, they would have a much better chance at reaching the postseason and the World Series. They look to wrap it up tonight and head to St Louis with four games in pocket.

Alex Wood will make his seventh start for the Reds this season. His ERA is an unsightly 6.07. But you can take some solace in the fact that his FIP is actually better than that.

It’s 6.04.

Do yourself a big big favor and never ever wonder what Jeter Downs and Josiah Gray are doing. Just forget they even exist, man. Eternal Sunshine that shit.

To be clear, I don’t think it was a bad trade. It certainly gave the Reds a much-needed injection of verve. But considering that Yasiel Puig is already gone and Wood has been hurt/awful, and pretty much all of the Reds’ best prospects have had underwhelming seasons and Downs and Gray have been fantastic, well … I mean, we all know Coca-Cola is bad for you. It’s just sugar and chemicals. It’s delicious and satisfying as all hell, but the refreshment and sugar rush wear off pretty quickly. Every now and then I just need a Coke, though. It hits the spot like nothing else can.

It’s a real drag though when you finish that Coke and realize that the dollar you spent on it is now actually a hot young middle infielder and a developing staff ace.

Robert Dugger is scheduled to start for the Marlins. He is making just the second start of his young career. He looked okay in AA this season but got the tar kicked out of him in AAA. The Marlins are – far and away – the most hopeless franchise in any of the major North American sports. I’m sure this Dugger kid is a nice guy, though. I hope he experiences the pleasure of playing for a better organization one of these days. I hope they all do.

First pitch will be tossed precisely 10 minutes after 7 PM.

Reds Lineup

Fish Lineup