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Reds at Marlins Game 3 - Preview and Lineups and such

Disco in Miami?! Oh lord, the cocaine!

Clubbing Girls Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images

Tony Disco takes the task to throw to the Teal Town Tunas tonight. After a rough start to the month of August in which his ERA jumped a half a run in three starts, his last two have been much better. He has given up just two runs in his last 11 innings, giving up just one home run. He’s up to 25 for the season, one for every start and 1.7 per nine innings. Only three NL hurlers have surrendered more dingers than Disco, and they each have at least 20 innings on him. All that said, he has been healthy and he has thrown more innings so far than he has in any season since 2015 and he is likely to accrue around 2.0 WAR by the end of it. I’ll take it.

He will dance off against Sandy Alcantara, a fella the Fish got from the Cardinals for Marcell Ozuna. The kid was an All-Star this year and he won’t be 24 for another week or so. His topline numbers look pretty good (4.15 ERA in 150 innings) but his peripherals are ugly: he gets just 1.52 strikeouts for every walk. Hitters are striking out more nowadays than they ever have in baseball history, but Alcantara is only getting 6.5 per nine innings. And he’s walking nearly 4.5 per. So he’s probably gonna throw eight scoreless tonight. He has thrown at least seven in each of his last three starts to a tune of a 2.08 ERA. So he’s pretty hot right now, too.

Put on your party pants and check in around 7 PM tonight.

Disco Backers

Disco Swingers