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Aristides Aquino homered again, Luis Castillo pounded as Reds lose to Cardinals 13-4

The sky, it has fallen.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

CINCINNATI - Perhaps it was the baseball gods’ attempt at rectifying a scenario we’ve seen play out time and time again in 2019 - the Cincinnati Reds outscoring their opponents over the course of a series only to lose more games in it than they win. If Pythagoras is letting things normalize, perhaps there’s a good chance these Reds might actually find a way to flip that script against these St. Louis Cardinals in this 4-game series.

Last night, of course, the Reds scraped by with an elusive 1-run victory, only to get absolutely, positively pummeled in tonight’s 13-4 affair. At a -8 run differential through those opening pair of games with another pair left to play, perhaps there’s a chance!

The fact of the matter is that there wasn’t much of anything that went well for the Reds on the night. Luis Castillo, their ace in residence, was absolutely shelled, surrendering 8 ER while being basically left out to dry on the mound thanks to the suspension-induced short roster and other recent short outings from the starting rotation. Joey Votto and Jesse Winker were both held out of the starting lineup, too, their backs both balky and further shortening the depleted Reds roster.

Then, Eugenio Suarez exited early, his left thing being jammed/bent/busted at a play at 3B mid-game, with his services now officially being called into question, too. In all, it was the kind of game we’d all rather forget - unless, of course, you’re rookie Joel Kuhnel, who not only got his first big league experience, but also got a rare plate appearance in the Bottom of the 7th given that entire a) shellacking I’ve spoken about and b) the short roster.

I do suppose the other positive in this one is that Aristides Aquino managed yet another homer, becoming the player in MLB history to reach 10 career dingers in the fastest manner, this being only his 16th game played. Aside from that...


These two clubs will go back at it on Saturday, of course, because that’s just how the baseball grind works. Maybe, it will be better. It certainly cannot be worse.

We’ll find out at 6:40 PM ET tomorrow.